Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do garden work as well?

YES! For years we have been known as West Coast Lawns and just this year we have changed our name to West Coast Lawns and Gardens.  Our staff has tons of experience with all types of garden work, tree and shrub maintenance and general landscaping.

Our clients love that they can call us and have one company take care of all of their landscaping needs, all year, and do a great job!

Do you know what’s wrong with my lawn?

YES! And if not we can investigate to find out. Then we can recommend and provide service to fix problems that can include full soil testing, nutrient remediation, or full lawn replacement.

Do you service Strata Properties?

Our team is great at organizing large worksites and providing system based support to strata committees and property managers.  This creates a process that provides awesome service and will be the same reliable results every time.

Our communication and training abilities ensure that no matter what crew is dispatched to your strata property your landscape will always be looking its best!

Do you fix European chafer beetle damaged lawns?

Yes! We have a process that has been effective over the years of fixing and preventing further damage caused by this pest.

We use no chemical herbicides and can reliably provide a lush looking lawn that resists infestation from beetles looking for a home for their eggs.

Can you give me an estimate?

Yes! We can provide fully costed year round pricing for residential and strata properties.  Imagine at the beginning of the year knowing exactly how much you will have to spend to keep your entire landscape looking great.

We can provide information about what needs to be done, and how much this will cost and ensure your budget is adhered to.

What is your service area?

Based out of North Vancouver, we are pleased to offer service to;

  • The Greater Vancouver area,
  • Burnaby
  • New West
  • Coquitlam
  • Port Moody
  • Port Coquitlam
  • North and West Vancouver.
Do you do hardscaping?

This would depend on what scale of project you’re looking for.  We do small scale paver installations, small scale segmental retaining walls, as well as landscape ties.

What keeps digging up my lawn, and how do we fix it?

If you have crows, skunks, or raccoons digging up your lawn, there’s a likelihood of a Chafer Beetle infestation.  We have lots of experience dealing with this issue and have a natural control solution and can restore the lawn to looking great for you.  One of our sales reps can come out and explain what you need to solve the problem and provide you with complete pricing and work plan.

Do you do landscape design?

Yes depending on the scope of the renovation you need we typically collaborate with a local designer who offers a rendering of your proposed landscape.  This requires a no-obligation consultation between yourself and the designer.  We can connect you with a sales rep to determine the extent of your design needs and what the best solution is.

How long until we get started?

Upon approval of your quote, we ask for a 50% deposit to ensure your position in our schedule.  The turn-around rate depends on the volume of the season, though on average from deposit to commencement you’re looking at 2-5 days.

Is it free to get a quote?

Yes! We can set you up with a sales rep to come visit your property and make a work plan with guaranteed pricing.

Which is better: Sod or Seed?

There are different benefits to both options.  With sod, there is more immediate gratification, and it can be installed year-round.  Seed is more cost effective; however, does not give the reliable instant results that pre grown turf would provide.  We can book an appointment with a sales rep to give you advice on which solution is best for you.

Which type of grass should we grow?

We offer a few different options, depending on what you are looking for as a result.  We have blends with varying amounts of ryegrass, fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, some even have clover mixed in as a lawn alternative.  We can send our sales rep over to look at your site and provide you with the best solution for your property and how you use it.

How do we get rid of the moss on our lawn?

We have several solutions for moss taking over your lawn.  Moss thrives in shady, moist areas, so we typically use a Limestone application to help manage and maintain the pH balance, promoting healthy soil that resists moss.  We can also do dethatching and aeration treatments to your lawn followed by overseeding to help establish thicker grass.  Additionally, we may prune back trees to allow for more sunlight.

Do you prune fruit trees or vegetable gardens?

Yes, we have specially trained crews to take care of each and every variety up to 15 feet

Do you install irrigation systems?

Yes we can help with this.  Depending on your site requirements we can sort it out for you or connect you with one of our industry partners who can do a great job for you.

How do I maintain my new lawn?

New lawns need quite a bit of care and specific timing for some of the treatments.  Watering, fertilizing and mowing are all very important and must follow a plan.  We have a new lawn care fact sheet that can be forwarded over to you.  We can give you a plan to have us take care of all the important details for you if you would prefer to just enjoy the grass rather than work on it.

Do you still cut the lawn even if it doesn’t need it?

We won’t cut a lawn if it is has not grown.  Our regular yard service includes several other services in addition to mowing.  We will attend your yard on schedule as promised and make sure it looks great by trimming weeds, blowing and removing debris and tidying the grounds.

We also use an email reminder system that lets our clients know the day before we are scheduled to arrive.  This provides an opportunity to either postpone the visit or indicate other maintenance tasks you’d like to have completed.

Do you have industry specialists on staff?

We have highly trained staff including Red-Seal Horticulturists.  This is a 4 year comprehensive landscaping program that we have many employees enrolled in and have had several graduate to Journeyman trades-person.

Our owner is actually an instructor in a Horticulture faculty as well.  We also have staff trained in specific tasks like paving stones, wall construction, etc.

What’s the price?

Each property and the work required is unique and we always provide a personalized guaranteed quote for each customer.  We can set up a meeting with a sales rep for you to get a custom quote that we can stand behind.

Do you service commercial grounds?

Yes, we service many commercial properties from large warehouses and industrial parks to hotel entrances and outdoor business fronts.  What kind of property do you require service at?

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