Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do garden work as well?

YES! For years we have been known as West Coast Lawns and just this year we have changed our name to West Coast Lawns and Gardens.  Our staff has tons of experience with all types of garden work, tree and shrub maintenance and general landscaping.

Our clients love that they can call us and have one company take care of all of their landscaping needs, all year, and do a great job!

Do you know what’s wrong with my lawn?

YES! And if not we can investigate to find out. Then we can recommend and provide service to fix problems that can include full soil testing, nutrient remediation, or full lawn replacement.

Do you service Strata Properties?

Our team is great at organizing large worksites and providing system based support to strata committees and property managers.  This creates a process that provides awesome service and will be the same reliable results every time.

Our communication and training abilities ensure that no matter what crew is dispatched to your strata property your landscape will always be looking its best!

Do you fix European chafer beetle damaged lawns?

Yes! We have a process that has been effective over the years of fixing and preventing further damage caused by this pest.

We use no chemical herbicides and can reliably provide a lush looking lawn that resists infestation from beetles looking for a home for their eggs.

Can you give me an estimate?

Yes! We can provide fully costed year round pricing for residential and strata properties.  Imagine at the beginning of the year knowing exactly how much you will have to spend to keep your entire landscape looking great.

We can provide information about what needs to be done, and how much this will cost and ensure your budget is adhered to.

North Vancouver Landscaping Contractors

Our Mission is to intensify the good looks and health of every client’s property while growing their expectations every step of the process.